Photos of sales goods


Tips for taking the pictures.


General preparations

1.  Identify a number of items

2.  Clean them if necessary

3.  Prepare a "studio" to take the pictures

4.  Bring all portable items to the "studio"

5.  Take the pics of bulky items outside or try

     at least to minimise background noise.


Taking the photos

1. Ensure that lighting condions are optimal.

2. Never take photos in a dark environment.

3. Take note from which side the light shines

    and don't point the lens towards the light.

4. Eliminate a busy background. You can even

    use a sheet or blanket to act as a backdrop.

5. Take a "main" picture that gives a bird's eye

    view of the item.

6. If necessary, zoom in on details for any

    subsequent pictures.

7. Do not hide obvious flaws on items. Rather

    expose anything that is defective.

8. Only use a cellphone if it can take good


9. Take up to 5 pictures of an item in total.

10. Sometimes the size of an item is not

    well reflected by the picture. Add a match

   box or  pair of glasses into the picture to

    show the relative size.