Upload sales items


How to upload your sales items.

Take at least one but not more than 5 pictures of each sales item with a digital camera or phone.

Using a cellphone is recommended for people with limited computer and photography skills but since the screen is small it may take a bit longer. On some phones it's easier to take photos one by one from within the site, uploading each after the photo has been taken. Otherwise take all photos with the regular camera function and select them together per item for upload.

On a computer, one has to download the images to a directory from which it can be uploaded by either selecting them from a file menu or dragging and dropping them onto the upload-site's screen. Alternatively, just insert your camera's memory card in the computer's card reader and work from there.


Detailed procedure

The process is easy and simple. When you get the hang of it, the upload process itself will take you less than a minute per item. The actual taking of the photos and the typing of the description may take a little longer, but it is still a quick process to list an item.

1. From the Seller Portal, go to the Upload page.

2. Sign in with your username and password.

3. Hit on List an Item !.

4. Select the category.

5. Type the Title (only a few words)

6. Type the description in all detail needed.

7. Type the price (only digits, no decimal).

8. Click or drop to add up to 5 pictures.

9. Wait till the pictures upload 100%.

10. Click Publish.

Repeat steps 3-10 for each ad you publish.

It may take a while before your ads will appear on the shopping pages.