Clutter and surplus goods
Cash in on goods you do not need
Key is to sell many items

The Key to Success

Sell a lot, not just a few items. Don't only think of some valuable things you have to sell - all the little items together count for big stash. Set yourself a substantial income target, like R10 000 or

R20 000, etc.

Put in a little effort and make

it worth your while.




Twenty small items at R50 each is worth

a R1000! Fifty old books at R10 each is R500. Fifty old CDs/DVDs could  bring in R1000 or more.


Make your own price, but keep it cheap and exciting. Then it will fly. Remember: it's a Garage Sale!  Think of the total income rather than the income per item.


"I'd rather have 1% of a 100 than a 100% of 1(J.Paul Getty/John D. Rockefeller - adapted)

Have your own bulk sale

An estimated minimum of R30 000 worth of unused items are lying around in the average middle class South African home. Why don't you cash in on that?


Cash for Stash
Cheapest prices