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for any charitable organisation.


Your members may have the ability to contri-bute to your cause far more than what they possibly realise. Each of them has lots of old or unused articles that can be sold for a profit, of which they could select to donate to you at a rate of 10% to 100% of the net sales price.


For you to benefit, just register your organisa-tion on Cash4Stash. Then encourage your supporters to sell their surplus goods for the benefit of your organisation. A seller simply selects your organisation as the beneficiary and decides what percentage of the sales return to donate to you: 10%, 25%, 50% or 100%.


As these goods get sold, Cash4Stash will automatically pay the donations into your bank account. Payments are done monthly.  It is a transparent process with comprehensive transactional reporting.


It is estimated that a middle class household in South Africa can produce an income of at least R30k by selling their surplus goods at an ultra cheap price.

A seller who lists R20 000 worth of goods and only donates 10% to your cause, will result in a donation of R2000. Imagine what can happen if you could inspire a substantial number of your followers to become sellers and donate to you!


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